Success is dependent on our people. We must protect the safety and health of everyone in our workplace and provide welfare facilities for our employees.


Understanding Employee Needs
Nothing is more important to S.B. than the safety of its employees. That is why adequate safety measures are always monitored. S.B. is continually expanding and improving its facilities to ensure that our people are working in the safest and most comfortable environment, in order to maintain consistent productivity.

Safety Equipment and Waste Management
Managerial personnel monitor workers and prevent dangerous actions before they occur. We minimize our workforce’s exposure to hazardous machinery and chemicals by providing safety equipment. We also ensure a clean workplace with appropriate waste containers. All our chemicals and wastage are labeled clearly to prevent misuse. In addition, S.B. holds weekly sanitary days when all employees are required to participate. During these days, workers are to clean their departments to help maintain a clean and healthy environment.

At S.B., we have our own in house clinic conveniently located at our factory premises. Our certified doctors and nurses provide medicine and consultation to workers in need of medical attention. S.B. medical service is free for all the employee families as well, that also provides free medicines when needed.


Protecting our People
Security is one of our top priorities. At S.B., our security is always on alert to keep personal safety at the highest level. We have a 24-hour security cameras installed. Security guards patrol our facility every hour of every day. Other than that, several Smoke Detectors, Emergency Exits and First Aid Boxes are installed in each floor.

All employees of S.B. are under Life Insurance Policy supported by BKMEA. The employees are covered with Fire and Disaster Insurance under Probhatee Insurance Company.

At S.B., all our employees get secured transportation service, absolutely free of cost. Separate buses pick-and-drop all the executives and workers. We have several covered vans to transport goods.


Train to be the Best!
Every effort is made to train employees to become successful. Besides pursuing the maximum output, we also spend time educating our employees' ethics, safety and lifelong skills for self-improvement.
Our commitment to social responsibility often mirrored through our sincere determinations towards the employee welfare.


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