Message from Chairman

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking your time to visit us online and I warmly invite you to visit us in person.

SB Style Composite has been growing steadily since its establishment in 1995. Despite all the challenges and hardships, our progress and achievements in company’s growth are facilitated through utmost dedication, sincerity, honesty and dynamic enthusiasm by our board of directors, mid-level management team, employees and most importantly, our hard-working efficient workers.

We have a combination of dynamic workforce from various ethnicity and cultures, resulting in creating a multi-cultural work space. At SB Style Composite, we work together as a family and take care of each other no matter what. 

Garments produced at SB Style Composite speaks for themselves when it comes to styling, aesthetical appearance and longevity of the final product. We try our heart and soul to meet our customer’s desired satisfaction with our passion to meet their goal in shortest possible time while maintaining highest garment manufacturing standard.

At SB Style Composite, we take environment and CSR activities very seriously. We are continuously working with our compliance and environmental sustainability team to improve emissions and lower our carbon foot print. In our company, whenever we get any sort of opportunity to stand beside the people in need in our country, we never put them down. We stood, stand and will always be standing for our people in Bangladesh. Every year we host numbers of events for relief funds, free ration supplies and take part in numerous activities for serving the nation which is 100% funded by SB Style Composite.

Lastly but certainly not the least, I humbly appreciate you for taking your time for visiting us online and I whole heartedly invite you visit our premises for experiencing our hospitality and quality in the goods produced.



Md. Shajahan
S.B. Style








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